"2. The median European Prison Population Rate [PPR] was 124.0 inmates per 100 000 inhabitants.
There was noted an increase of +4% compared to 2012 (125.6 inmates per 100,000 inhabitants). As median calculated values are less sensitive to the extreme figures (i.e. very low prison population rates in small countries with less than 1mln inhabitants), it is preferable to use these values as a more( reliable alternative to the average figures.
"3. On 1st September 2014, there were 1,600,324 inmates held in penal institutions across Europe. On the( same date in 2013, there were 1,530,222 inmates (this total does not include Ukrainian figures which( were missing for 2013) and, in 2012 there were 1,737,061 inmates.
"4. On average, on 1st September 2014, European prisons were at the top of their capacity, holding 91 inmates per 100 places (median values being higher: 93). In particular, 27.5% of the Prison
Administrations were experiencing overcrowding. Since 2009, the European prison density remains( close to full."


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