"Lifetime use of illicit drugs varied considerably across the ESPAD countries (Table 8a). On average, 17% of ESPAD students reported having used any illicit drug at least once. The highest percentage of students reporting lifetime use of any illicit drug was found in Czechia (29%), followed by Italy (28%), Latvia (27%) and Slovakia (25%). Particularly low levels (10% or less) of illicit drug use were noted in Kosovo, Iceland, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Serbia, Sweden, Norway, Greece and Romania. On average, 19% of boys and 14% of girls had used illicit drugs at least once during their lifetime. In most ESPAD countries, the prevalence rate was higher among boys than girls. Noticeable gender differences were found in Georgia (24% for boys versus 8.8% for girls), Monaco (29% versus 17%), Cyprus (17% versus 7.0%) and Ireland (25% versus 15%)."


ESPAD Group (2020), ESPAD Report 2019: Results from the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs, EMCDDA Joint Publications, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.