"The prevalence of hepatitis C among people using drugs is very high in Eurasia, varying between 15% and 94%. Hepatitis C prevalence among people who inject drugs is above 50% in 18 countries in Eurasia, up from 16 in 2018 (see regional table, p.82). Russia is one of the four main contributors to the hepatitis C burden among people who use drugs in the world.[27] The main barriers in the region to reaching the goal of eliminating hepatitis C by 2030[28] are poor coverage of harm reduction services, restrictive drug policies, criminalisation of drug use, poor access to cost-efficient harm reduction services, low hepatitis C testing, poor linkage to care and treatment, restrictions for accessing direct-acting antiviral therapy and the lack of national strategies and government investment to support elimination goals.[27, 29]"


Harm Reduction International (2020). Global State of Harm Reduction 2020. London: Harm Reduction International.