"In February 2023, Mexico's federal government closed the country's only methadone manufacturing plant, Psicofarma, following concerns about quality control.5 In Mexican-U.S. border cities, such as Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali, and Tijuana, where the prevalence of OUD is among the highest in the country, methadone clinics are turning new clients away as they run out of medication, limiting doses, providing doses only on alternate days, or not dosing altogether. Although there are no accurate estimates of the number of persons with OUD in Mexico, a national survey in 2016 suggested that 23,251 people had used heroin in the past year.6 In 2020, 2.2% (n = 2217) of the persons that sought drug treatment in public clinics reported opioids as the main substance used, representing 42% of cases among persons who inject drugs (PWID).7 Both are likely gross under-estimates."


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