"The number of accidental drug overdose deaths increased by 622% between 2000 and 2020, and age-standardized mortality rates increased nearly four-fold in both men and women. Age-period-cohort decomposition found rapid increases in mortality since 2012 in men and women, with higher mortality risk in cohorts born after 1990. The fastest increase occurred in Black Americans since 2012, and Americans of all races born after 1975 had significantly higher mortality risk, with mortality risk increasing rapidly in more recent cohorts. The peak of mortality has shifted from the 40–59 age group to the 30–40 year age group in the past decade."


Fujita-Imazu, S., Xie, J., Dhungel, B., Wang, X., Wang, Y., Nguyen, P., Khin Maung Soe, J., Li, J., & Gilmour, S. (2023). Evolving trends in drug overdose mortality in the USA from 2000 to 2020: an age-period-cohort analysis. EClinicalMedicine, 61, 102079. doi.org/10.1016/j.eclinm.2023.102079