"Using the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s treatment locator and search engine advertising data, we identified 160 residential addiction treatment facilities that treated adolescents with opioid use disorder as of December 2022. We called facilities while role-playing as the aunt or uncle of a sixteen-year-old child with a recent nonfatal overdose, to inquire about policies and costs. Eighty-seven facilities (54.4 percent) had a bed immediately available. Among sites with a waitlist, the mean wait time for a bed was 28.4 days. Of facilities providing cost information, the mean cost of treatment per day was $878. Daily costs among for-profit facilities were triple those of nonprofit facilities. Half of facilities required up-front payment by self-pay patients. The mean up-front cost was $28,731. We were unable to identify any facilities for adolescents in ten states or Washington, D.C. Access to adolescent residential addiction treatment centers in the United States is limited and costly."


Caroline A. King, Tamara Beetham, Natashia Smith, Honora Englander, Dana Button, Patrick C. M. Brown, Scott E. Hadland, Sarah M. Bagley, Olivia Rae Wright, P. Todd Korthuis, and Ryan Cook. Adolescent Residential Addiction Treatment In The US: Uneven Access, Waitlists, And High Costs. Health Affairs 2024 43:1, 64-71.