"In summary, the evidence available from this Evaluation indicates that:

"• operation of the MSIC in the King Cross area is feasible;

"• the MSIC made service contact with its target population, including many who had no prior treatment for drug dependence;

"• there was no detectable change in heroin overdoses at the community level;

"• a small number of opioid overdoses managed at the MSIC may have been fatal had they occurred elsewhere;

"• the MSIC made referrals for drug treatment, especially among frequent attenders;

"• there was no increase in risk of blod borne virus transmission;

"• there was no overall loss of public amenity;

"• there was no increase of crime;

"• the majority of the community accepted the MSIC initiative;

"• the MSIC has afforded an opportunity to improve knowledge that can guide public health responses to drug injecting and its harms."


MISC Evaluation Committee, "Final Report on the Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre" (New South Wales, Australia: MISC Evaluation Committee, 2003), p. xiv.