client characteristics

Demographic Characteristics of People in the US Receiving Less Than 24-Hour Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Services

"Of the 4,161,697 clients who received outpatient mental health treatment services at least once in April 2016 and were still enrolled in treatment on April 29, 2016, 46 percent received services in outpatient mental health facilities and 32 percent received services in community mental health centers. VA medical centers accounted for 9 percent of clients served in less than 24-hour outpatient settings, while multi-setting mental health facilities and general hospitals accounted for 4 percent each.

Legal Status of People in the US Receiving 24-Hour Hospital Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Services

"Across all facility types, half of all clients who received inpatient mental health treatment services on April 29, 2016, were involuntarily admitted for care: 38 percent of clients were admitted with an involuntary non-forensic (non-criminal) legal status and 15 percent were admitted with an involuntary forensic (criminal) legal status.